EDL is proud to offer a faculty of excellence!

All of our teachers have several years of experience and maintain a certain certification in their discipline taught.  They also possess a first-aid certificate and undergo a background check.

Miss Mélanie


Miss Melanie is already entering her 15th dance season at EDL and her passion for sharing the art of dancing with her students keeps growing every day.  After studying at the Randolph School of the Performing Arts and her career as a professional dancer in Toronto, she was certified with two internationally acclaimed syllabi such as the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D) and the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T) in ballet, jazz and tap.

Today, Miss Melanie continues to perfect her art with annual conventions in Canada and the United States with world renowned dancers and choreographers.  In her early career as a teacher, she shared her knowledge with local students through Central Eastern French Catholic School Board, the Prescott-Russell School Board and several dance studios in Ottawa area.

Through her years at EDL, she has guided the competitive dance troupe with great success, winning impressive prizes such as Top Studio Award at several competitions and Top Dancer (Title Soloist).  Today Miss Melanie is proud to offer a quality service to each and every dancer and allow them to discover in a positive, enriching and francophone environment for all!

Mr. Jean


Mr. Jean discovered his great passion for dance here in Ottawa and it was at Ryerson University in Toronto that his passion took on a new life.

He later worked as a professional dancer with an independent troupe associated with the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and later with the prestigious modern dance companies Danny Grossman and Timothy Spain in Toronto.

He takes great pride in his teacher’s certificate in Jazz and Tap and today works across Canada as an ADAPT examiner to assess the young dancers who follow this syllabus. Mr. Jean remains a perfectionist and continues to improve his technique and education through conferences and workshops in Canada and the United States.

His great goal in life is inspiring in its simplicity: to improve himself and encourage his students to do the same.

Miss Chantal


For Miss Chantal, the passion of dance and teaching developed at a very young age in Sudbury, Ontario.  She studied various disciplines such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Tap and Acro-Dance.

She continues to grow and develop her art form by attending conventions in Canada and the United-States in order to offer her students the latest trends and methods.

Miss Chantal’s classes give homage to the history and theory of dance.  Through various teaching methods within her classes, she allows the dancers to develop their confidence and their own style with their movements.

Her goal is to allow her students to dance in a positive, fun and enriching environment at all times.

Miss Danika


Miss Danika has grown her knowledge and passion for dancing and teaching since the age of two.  From the very beginning, first as a student at EDL and then as a faculty member, she has explored several disciplines such as jazz, tap, acro-dance, hip hop, lyrical and broadway. 

Miss Danika obtained her Intermediate III certification in Jazz through A.D.A.P.T.  She continues her studies as a teacher by attending conventions in Canada and the United-States in order explore the most current trends in the world of dance. She still enjoys practicing the art of dancing herself while sharing her passion with her students.

Outside the studio, Miss Danika holds an Early Childhood Education certificate and is currently pursuing her BA in Education.  She loves working with youth and is known for her patience with young children and works hard to develop confidence in her students.

Miss Kathleen


Miss Kathleen began dancing at EDL at the age 3 and joined the competitive team at age 8 where she explored several styles such as jazz, tap, ballet, acro-dance, hip-hop, broadway, lyrical, modern and pointe.

She completed her Elementary Ballet with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.) and her Intermediate III in Tap and Jazz with the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T.).  Like all teachers at EDL, Miss Kathleen continues to expand her technical knowledge and education through conventions and dance workshops across Canada and the United States.

Miss Kathleen trained under several renowned choreographers such as Ian Eastwood, Blake McGrath, Miles Faber, Showtime, Dimitri Chaplin, Bobby Newberry, Twitch, Tyce Diorio etc…

Among her many awards and achievements, Miss Kathleen was selected by the B.A.T.D. to attend their National Scholarships Competition where she was ranked among the Top 10 in 2009.  She was also selected for her Junior Jazz solo at the Footloose competition to attend their International Extreme Team in Orlando, Florida in 2003. The following year she was selected for the Summer Intensive Professional program at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada which she attended in Belleville.

She has won numerous competitive titles such as Miss Starpower 2010, for the highest score amongst senior solos, at the Starpower competition in Syracuse, New York for her tap solo; Senior Miss Candance 2011, for the highest score amongst senior solos , at Candance in Vaughan, Ontario for her tap solo and finally Senior Miss Candance 2012, for the highest score amongst senior solos, at the Candance competition in Montreal, Quebec for her tap solo.

Miss Kathleen loves sharing her passion for dance with her students while offering structured, positive and rewarding classes.

Miss Sara


Miss Sara started dancing at the age of four and registered at Ecole de Danse Louise at age seven. At age nine she joined the competitive team and at fourteen, Miss Sara attended the summer program at L’Ecole supérieure de ballet contemporain de Montreal.

Miss Sara has explored many dance genres: ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, broadway and pointe. Finally, she joined EDL’s faculty in 2014.

Miss Sara is certified with honors in Advanced Grade with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D) and Intermediate II jazz with the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T).

Dance has been Sara’s passion for most of her life and she enjoys transferring this love of dance to all of her students.

Miss Mylaine


Miss Mylaine began her experience at École de Danse Louise at the age of 3 and joined the competitive team at 8 years old. She has trained in several styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, acro-dance, ballet, pointe, broadway, lyrical and modern.

Miss Mylaine followed syllabus training in ballet, jazz and tap. She completed her Pre-Advanced level in jazz with A.D.A.P.T. (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers), her Intermediate 3 level tap with A.D.A.P.T. as well as her grade 5 ballet under the Association of B.A.T.D. (British Association of Teachers of Dancing). But, she has trained in ballet up to the advanced grade.

She has attended numerous workshops and has learned from several choreographers such as Stacey Tookey, Shannon Mather, Blake McGrath, Twitch, Marty Kudelka, Allison Holker, Kenny Wormald, Will Loftis, Bobby Newberry and many others.

With other accomplishments and awards, Miss Mylaine is proud to have performed for WeDay in 2015. In 2016, during the Move competition in Toronto, she was selected to perform her contemporary solo at the dance-off for the highest score out of senior solos. She also earned the highest score in her age category, for the same solo, at the Bedazzled competition in Blue Mountain in 2016.

Miss Mylaine likes to share her passion and show her students that hard work pays off and that perseverance as well as practice are the keys to success.

Miss Sabrina


Sabrina started dancing at École de Danse Louise (EDL) when she was 8 years old, learning a variety of dance styles ranging from jazz, acro, hip-hop, ballet, Broadway, lyrical, modern and pointe.

She has completed her Intermediate level in ballet with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.), as well as her Intermediate Level II in jazz with the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T.). Although she’s transitioned from a full-time dancer to a teacher for EDL’s recreational and competitive teams, Sabrina continues taking classes and competing as a hip-hop dancer. Sabrina has performed as a back-up dancer for local artists in events such as the Canadian Tulip Festival and the Talent Nation show.

Having a background in gymnastics and a passion for acrobatics, Sabrina specializes in acro and is working towards her certification in all levels of the Acrobatic Arts program.

As a dance teacher, Sabrina celebrated a number of achievements with her students. In 2016, her acro soloist placed first overall for the Intermediate Novice Division at Starpower International Talent Competition. In 2017, she, along with Danika Maisonneuve, won top choreography for their acro number at On the Floor the Ultimate Dance Experience. Also in 2017, at Shine Dance Competitions, two of Sabrina’s acro soloists placed in the top acro category, which qualified them for the Junior and Intermediate Miss Shine Acro at Nationals. At Nationals, one of them placed second overall and took home the title of Miss Shine Acro.

Outside of dance, Sabrina is completing her honours bachelor’s degree in social services at the University of Ottawa and plans to follow up with teacher’s college, as she wants to pursue a career in education.

Sabrina believes that a good dance class consists of both hard work and fun, and she aims for her students to learn something new every week, because true dancers never stop expanding and improving their skill set. Similarly, as a teacher, Sabrina always tries new approaches to better her teaching and ignite passion and perseverance in her students.

“You never lose, you learn.”

Miss Kyla


Miss Kyla began taking classes at École de danse Louise at the age of 8 and joined the competitive team at 11 years old. As a contortionist, she began her training in acro-dance and then progressed in the genres of classical ballet and pointe, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary.

She trained under the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD) ballet syllabi and the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (ADAPT) jazz syllabi. She successfully completed the BATD Associate Member exam with a Highly Commended grade, as well as receiving Honours in all of her ballet exams. Miss Kyla has also completed her Intermediate III jazz exam with a very rare grade of Highly Commended Plus Plus. Today she is fully certified through the TTS teachers program, given to young teachers who wish to pursue the A.D.A.P.T. syllabi.

Miss Kyla has trained with internationally renowned dancers and performing companies. For acro-contortion training, she trained with former Cirque du Soleil contortionist M. Chenard, National Circus School graduate S. Fortunato, and trained at the National Circus School in their summer intensive. For classical ballet and pointe, she has received training/instruction from National Ballet of Canada First Soloists Jonathan Renna, Tanya Howard, and Stacey Minagawa, as well as renowned Principal dancers Rex Harrington, Xiao Nan Yu, and Jillian Vanstone. Miss Kyla has also taken the opportunity to take classes offered by companies such as the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Guangzhou Ballet of China, Norway’s National Company of Contemporary Dance, Grupo Corpo of Brazil, Alberta Ballet, Kidd Pivot, T.R.A.S.H. Dance Company of Holland, and the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan. She has learned from and been inspired by respected choreographers and artistic directors such as Beverly Bagg of the Alberta Ballet, Kristel Van Issum and Oona Doherty from T.R.A.S.H. Dance Company of Holland, Ashley Wheater of the Joffrey Ballet, Crystal Pite of Kidd Pivot, and Akram Khan from the Akram Khan Company. Miss Kyla has also taken classes with commercial dancers such as Nico Archambault, Shavar Blackwood, Melissa Mitro, and Matt Marr, all from So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

Miss Kyla has won numerous competition awards and titles as a soloist. Some of her competition achievements include the Jump Shout Boogie Soloist Title Cup, Shine Soloist Title, StarCatchers Senior Superstar Title, a two-time recipient of the OnStage Soloist Award, and the OnStage Senior Solo Title. Apart from competing with École de danse Louise, Kyla has been invited to contests with the BATD North American Stage & Ballet Scholarships for the past five consecutive years, placing in the top-6 on 3 occasions and claiming the Senior First Runner-Up trophy.

Miss Kyla is a bilingual instructor who hopes to inspire the future generations of dancers. By sharing her collection of dance knowledge, she hopes to help her students attain their dance goals.

Miss Melinda


Miss Melinda has been dancing since the age of 11.  It was with great passion and perseverance that she was able to complete her Intermediate III exam in Jazz with the Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T) and her Associates exam with the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D).

Miss Melinda has had the opportunity to work with several renowned choreographers such as Danny Lawn, Danny Poland, Mitchell Jackson, Shawn Bracke, Nico Archambault, Bree Wasylenko and many others.   During her time as a dancer, she won several awards and scholarships.  Among them, “Most potential” at the age of 15 as well as a scholarship for a dance school in New York.  She is currently studying at the University of Ottawa to become a teacher.

As a dance teacher, Miss Melinda is committed to working with her students throughout the season to help them reach their personal goals as well as their full potential while having fun in a positive environment.

Miss Gabrielle


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Miss Juliane


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Miss Liana


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